Want To Get 20% Off Our Newest Products?

If you're looking for something new, we've got you covered. We've just released two new products and they're available at a 20% discount until the end of November. So don't wait – save today!


The Studebaker Avanti is a high-end boombox that packs in all of the features you could want! It has an FM stereo radio, CD player with aux cable for those who love listening to music on their own time or in private. But wait there's even more: this bad boy comes equipped with Bluetooth transmitting capabilities so players can easily stream audio from any device or piece of equipment they have paired up to - not just phones/tablets which means no endless cluttered wires getting tangled together when everyone wants something played loudly. And lastly it features 15 watts worth speaker power behind each woofer!



The Studebaker Turntable is a fantastic product for those who enjoy vintage record players that feature today's technology. This turntable comes with analog AM/FM radio and 3 speed recorder which allow you to play your favorite records from the past, as well as wirelessly stream them on Bluetooth Receiver or through USB port if needed! It also includes an independent stereo headphone jack so that friends can listen too.